What Type of Personal Assistance do you require?

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There are 4 types of Assistants, and choosing the right one is instrumental in both saving money and becoming more productive.

Level 1: The Gofer

Assistants at this level require direct instructions and close supervision. With gofers, you are giving directions every step of the way. A Gofer will save you some time, but not really that cost-effective.

Level 2: The Administrative Assistant

An administrative assistant is somebody that can multitask well - with a clear process laid out for them.

Administrators can really help to leverage your time as long as they're following known processes and procedures to get known results. They get scared about making a mistake. Because they know that they'll be held accountable for their errors. They might get in trouble. That's they're reluctant to use their own discretion.

So admins can help leverage considerably more of your time than gofers can, but they'll shy away from the tasks where help could be most valuable.

Level 3: The Executive Assistant

Executive assistants aren't put off by uncertainty. They can take an unclear assignment and actually figure out, within certain boundaries, how to make it work. They can handle tasks that are sketched out instead of being engineered out.

By contrast, when you give an executive assistant a sketched-out assignment, you'll usually say something like,  "Here's what I'm trying to accomplish. Here are a couple of variables at play. Here are some things you might want to take into consideration. You figure the rest out."

Executive assistants can really help you leverage your time, just so long as you give them good context.

So if you are a business owner, trying to survive the lockdown but require assistance that is going to relieve your pressure and save you time - I am your Personal Assistant.

Please feel to comment on my blog, and should you require any assistance - just send me your contact details and I will contact you.





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Written by Mandy Day, 6th May 2020

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