My Hero!

I really wanted to share this story with you. There are so much negativity and tension in our lives right now and wanted to share a #COVID19 happy story for a change.

My Story (in brief)

I broke my tooth.

With COVID19, and all the lockdowns in place makes medical care even harder than what it was before, and on top of that, I no longer had medical aid or money for a private Dentist. By day 3 I thought I was dying, my face had swollen up and I was in pain 24/7.

I also have a fear of Dentists, which by the way I thought was just me being stupid but #Dentophobia is suffered by many.

So, for me to start calling government hospitals and clinics - my pain had overtaken my fear!

The first hospital I called was #N1CityMediClini - they were extremely helpful and gave me a number for their dentist on call - Dr Davids. I contacted him and he agreed that I should set an appointment but he could prescribe me painkillers until that time.

He very kindly met me at the hospital and gave me the prescription. I immediately went to M-Kem in Bellivlle and got the pain killers. By the following day, I thought I was going crazy from the pain. I contact Dr Davids and he immediately arranged to see me and sent me the location of his offices which was situated in Bonteheuwel.

So, looking like a million bucks, I borrowed a car and drove through to his offices.

Two things happened that day when I found Dr David's rooms:

Finding the dentists rooms brought me to eye level with how many South African's are having to survive out there.

1. #Perception. For those of us lucky enough to live in good suburbs and have rooves over our heads, food in our bellies and warm beds to sleep on, can never imagine how hard life is for others. The government gives 21 Billion so save SAA, but they can't supply their own population with suitable accommodation, and safe and clean environments to live in.

There is a high school graduate who feeds 500 people a day, in Bonteheuwel, with the help of her parents. These are the stories that need to be told and shared with the country and world.

2. #Kindness is found in the most random places!

Dr Davids met me at my car and walked me to his rooms. Besides being my hero, he is a dental teacher and uses these rooms to teach his students how to start their own practice. #community

#recommendation If anyone suffers from this fear or perhaps you have kids and would prefer this kind of care then Dr Davids is your man. He took such good care of me and had a brilliant "dentist chair" manner. I also can not leave out his dental assistant. She was so lovely, like having your mom in the room with you. When all was said and done - she walked me to my car and we had such a lovely interesting conversation. This thank you goes out to you too.

The following day I got a whats app message from Dr Davids - checking in on me. Now how many GP's and Dentists do you know that still do that?

In my darkest hour this amazing, caring man, took the time to help me when no one else could. So I wanted to take this opportunity to thank #DrDavids, for being an amazing dentist and for #caring.

It is people like you - who are our true untold hero's.

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