Monday Motivation #reallife

Zoom out for understanding!

Zoom in for happiness

Since the lockdown began, every morning I put up a mantra for the day.

So, Thursday, 23 April 2020, the Mantra for my day was:

"Zoom out for
Zoom in for happiness."

Initially, when I read this, it did not make any sense and in my head, I thought, "what a load of made-up nonsense."

My day progressed as per usual, "same stuff, different day". Which for me consisted of homeschooling 2 girls, age 10 and 12 and working from home, as a small business owner.

It was only when I sat down to write this blog that I looked at the mantra again in the mirror and then thought of the photographs I had taken earlier in the day and how it made complete sense.

When you look at the big picture "zoom-out" it doesn't always make you happy, but happiness is an internal thing, so "zoom-in".

If this helps just one person - then I will be glad that I shared my weird story and perspective.

I started Day Decor in November of 2019. Being an #entrepreneur #businessowner is like being a #parent if you are both a parent and a business owner you will know exactly what I mean. But in short, nothing can prepare you for starting a business let alone sustaining it, with no finances!

One of the reasons I have survived thus far - is I never gave up! I still have bad days "today has been one of them", but, I have pooled together the tools I personally need to mentally and physically cope with a day and am working them into a new #habit.


To everyone who took the time to read my entire story - Thank You, I sincerely appreciate it.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome.


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