"Just" a P.A.

People used to ask me what I do for a living and my standard answer was "I am just a P.A".

HA! There is no such thing as "just" a PA! There is nothing "just" about being a Personal Assistant.

The skills of being a Personal Assistant, can be taught and technology has taken over most of the workload, but the one thing technology does not have is a personality.

Personality Characters:





Natural ability to read people and situations


An Assistant is the GateKeeper, so you need to remain professional at all times.

When you work closely with someone - you need to ensure that your personalities are compatible.

Just like an attorney or a doctor - being a personal assistant is an extension of who I am. I have supported numerous clients over the years and been apart of their journeys to success.

Key skills for a personal assistant:

1. Attention to detail: knowing their likes and dislikes, their schedule and important dates and events.

2. Discretion is key. In this position, you hold private and confidential information so being discrete is key.

3. Flexibility and adaptability. This gives you the ability to work alone or in a team.

4. Organisational Skills and Multi-tasking. Technology is making "being organised" easier and more convenient - but a natural inclination to organisational skills is imperative in this position. Multi-tasking is something I am able to do and do well - however over the years I have come to the conclusion that focusing on one task at a time is quicker and you get to give each task 100% of your attention.

5. Communication. The ability to communicate one's thoughts clearly and concisely are extremely imperative.

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