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In July I posted a blog entitled "", and it changed my life.

So I decided to share a brief sanopsis of my experience, there is not enought good news out there these days.

Six months ago, I could not see the "forest for the trees". I had no job, no car, and I was sharing a one-bedroom granny flat with my parents, and I could only see my daughters on the weekend.

Then in September, everything started to turn around.

#1 On the 10th of September, I became the new Personal Assistant to Director of Egamea Pty Ltd, Jake Tellestio. Egamea is a gaming company, and we have a new division on the rise - Hydronics Fruit and Vegetable Farming, located just outside Melkbos. My office has the most amazing view, we are a small team creating changes, plenty of fresh air and space to walk and find inspiration. Jake brings his beautiful fur babies to work everyday (Rex who is only 7 months old and Juno who is 4 months) so you get to have cuddles and plenty of drool during your day. Now who can have a bad day when you look into these faces.

A week later the farm "Misty Meadows" hired David as the Farm Manager. A dream come true!

Then right on the heels of getting a new job, my landlord was trying to evict me. Yip during COVID, but clearly other laws apply to them, because they did not care. I took the case to the Rental Housing Tribunal, and the agreement was that I would vacate the property and had an additional 3 months to pay off the outstanding rent.

David and I then informed his "Squatters" that due to their nonpayment and refusal to vacate the property, we had no other option but to move all 3 of them (3 adults) into the braai room, so that we could move back in and when I see "we", I mean, David, myself and my parents.

I kept up to my end of the RHT Agreement between Century 21 and myself, yet the Rental Agency has continued to try and "screw" me. It is now December and they still have not refunded my deposit. I have to be honest, do not ever rent through or give permission to Century 21 to manage a property for you - their service has been shocking. But that's a bitch blog for another day.

It took us another 2 months to get the squatters to move out permanently, but by Mid November, they had moved out with their belongings and returned the key.

We had our house back! This too was a very emotional but positive thing to happen for us. In all honesty, it took David and I about 3 days for the news to sink in and another 2 weeks before we actually went back to the house. This was not the home David had left behind and to see how other people treat property - it's sickens me!

For the first 2 months of our new jobs - I rented a car so that we could get to work. I have had the question "why would you spend money renting a car" and my reply always was "because having a job is more important than the money".

Then in November, I did it! I bought a car!!!!

I bought a Renault Sandero Stepway - I was so excited to be joining the Renault Family. My car had 57 km on the clock when I drove it out the showroom doors - I have never been so excited and proud (of myself) as I was that day, driving away in my new car. I had promised myself, that I would never take having a car for granted again - it is only when you do not have your own transportation, do you truly start to feel what it is like for the thousands of South African's that are forced to use our terrible public transport system.

Could it actually be that all my work and perseverance was starting to pay off?

It has taken me 18 months, to pick myself up, dust myself off, and get back into the starting blocks.

Now if I can achieve all of this during a world wide pandemic - what am I cable of when I am not starting the year on a back foot?

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I am excited to announce that my blog shell remain, and there will be all sorts of exciting changes and announcements in the coming year - so I look forward to everyone's continued support.

I would like to acknowledge that none of this would have been possisble if it wasn't for some very special people: Simone Skeates, Anita Palmer, Tina Reagan, Weston Fields, Wendy Billimore Hinson, Colleen and David Baird and to everyone who made a donation to the GoFundMe Page, then to all those who supported me, most of you won't even know it is you, but all the webinars, workshops, Facebook Group Pages - wow ladies I have learnt so much from you over the last year. I may not still attend your workshops or webinars, but know that your words of wisdom and inspiration - guided yet another woman into the world of independance, strength and clarity.

I also would like to acknowledge my parents in this blog. Wendy Murray and Keith Murray, have like most South Africans had a really rough year. But without spilling all my dirty laundry, they not only recovered, but also found a new lease on life. I know I can not give you much, but it makes me happy to see you happy. I love you both dearly and am so Freaking proud of you both.

To my very precious daughters, Madison and Phoebe. Wow girls you rock!!! In the begining of the year you were my motivation, but now you are my inspiration! Happy New Year Girls - may 2021 bring us more time together.

Then last but not least, David Baird. Who knew we would make it through 2020 - O yes me!

You have been my absolute rock - you have always been there for me, through the thick and thicker (haha), sometime with the sulky face, but most of the time with a smile on your face. This journey would have been very difficult and no where near as fun without you and I am glad we got so share this journey together.

So Mr. Baird Junior - if this is what we can achieve in the worst year possible - imagine what we can do in 2021!

In the final hours of 2020 I would like to wish everyone a very happy new year, and very special new year wishes to my best friend Jill Summers - you continue to inspire me and I am eternally greatful to have a friend like you in my life.

Goodbye 2020

Hello 2021

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