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Almost a month ago I posted a Blog entitled “I cannot afford to survive”. It is one of the scariest things that I have done personally, but so very life-changing. So to bring you up to speed, I'm in the process of making the following changes which I am proud and excited to announce:

Day Decor is the name of the Virtual Personal Assistant company, I started in November of 2019, but with COVID 19 right on my heels, my target markets quickly collapsed, and I had to find an alternative way to create a new income revenue in order to support my family, without losing all the work I'd already put into the Day Decor.

Through this transition, I have found a passion and understanding For recycling and upcycling of items. This, in turn, led me to like-minded people who were all creating an income independently and creatively to support their families.

So Day Decor will become a platform for all the South Africans out there who can create but not sell or market.

This month's services included:

1. Canvas prints - which is in support of a fellow South African starting his own company while he is working full time.

2. Upcycled and recycled items which are in support of a South African woman in the Western Cape who didn’t want to sit around anymore, so started by getting creative with bits and bobs from around her house and has now moved to save those pieces everyone wants to throw away and turns into something beautiful and useful. #supportlocalbusinesses

3. Ceramics which is also made be a fellow South African trying to support himself, when COVID19 took his market away.

My goal is to add an additional 3 people in the month of August, for example, should you make Pallet Furniture or do Personalised Gifting that you make yourself or perhaps you produced Biltong or Preserves, the list is endless, and you really would like someone else to market your product then please feel free to send me a brief of what your product is and a little about yourself and the product (with at least 3 photos) and your location to

My professional goal is to focus on International Collaboration.

My first International client, Dr Weston Fields, who over the last few months has been working on Bear Island in Alaska managing his family-owned fishing business, has continued supporting me and we have managed to achieve remarkable results, despite my assistance being virtual.

“Mandy comes with my highest recommendation for anything she does” Dr Weston Field

If you are reading this, and would love some administrative assistance and have never had a Personal Assistant before, then feel free to contact me.

I will be implementing these changes on my site as Day Decor grows and my blog will also be used to highlight the people, products and their stories.

Now down to the nitty-gritty - my home!

Wow, I have been so overwhelmed with the response and the support, that I have received this far. From “old” friends, “old” work colleagues and complete strangers (including anonymous), your generosity, your care, your prayers and support has given me far more than you will ever know! I genuinely do not have the words, to explain how much this has moved and inspired me.

I will also be honest and admit that I was ill-prepared for the response. So feel free to follow my page and I will continue to share my mistakes, successes, recommendations and creations.

“You are never too old to learn!”

I have received a total of R35 000 out of the R70 000 that I require to achieve this goal. Please continue to LIKE and SHARE my campaign, which was kindly and thoughtfully created for me to help raise the money for a home. Wendy Billimore-Hinson, you are a true friend, and I am lucky to have a friend like you.

I do also have a Work Back Offer, that I would love for someone to consider, as I have never intended for people to give me money for nothing, so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

I have had a company called Nutec Homes out for a site visit, and I must say he was punctual, professional and very helpful, in giving us advice on what he could provide within our budget. As a women, I was comfortable, to have him in my home and although we have not finalised this project, at this stage I would like to acknowledge my experience with this company thus far, as I know that finding people you can trust is difficult, and no one has money right now to throw away on scam artists. However, I was disappointed in the advert, image and cost advertised on Gumtree as it is not a true representation of value for money. As someone who has been involved in marketing, I should have realised that immediately, but I was just so excited to see this beautiful home within an achievable amount I was sold! So to everyone out there - get 3 quotes ALWAYS, and recommendations are always a winner.

I have another site visit tomorrow, and #shoutout if you are able to offer me a 2 bedroom nutec house 6x6m with delivery and installation within an R70 000 budget please contact me, #recommendations would also be greatly appreciated.

Just another consideration:

If anyone has any of the following items, that they wish to sell or donate, please feel free to contact me:

150L Geyser (current quote)

Double Kitchen Sink

Toilet and Seat (current quote R1000)

Light fightings

Aluminium Window frames

Sliding door

Solar Panels

A donation of any of these items, would make a huge difference, my goal is to use recycled or upcycled items to build my home.

If you are able to donate any of the above mentioned - my offer to you is: 3 Social Media posts per week and the length of this offer will depend on the donation.

My ultimate goal is self-sustainability, my partner and I will also do the conversion of the back yard into a nursery:

1. Bee Hive

1. Bee Hive - (they are currently endangered species)

2. Worm Farm - for compost

3. Vegetable Patch (⅓ for home use; ⅓ to support single working parents in the Richwood area and ⅓ sold to the public to create an additional income for my family.)

4. Herb Garden

5. Cacti Garden - these will be managed by a friend and fellow South African, who sells cacti of all sorts and sizes. (support fellow South African)

6. Seedlings - we would like to grow seedlings for nurseries or private homes (self-sustainability and supporting Nurseries and Garden enthusiasts during these difficult times.

So if you have any ideas you'd like to share please feel free.

“We all need a little inspiration now and then”.

My purpose is to help others but, in order to do that, I, first need to help myself. So, before I end off there are few people I would like to give a special mention to:

Simone, Tina, Anita, Jill, Chantelle, Allison, Nikki, Nicholas, and a donation of an oven and stove from someone who would prefer to remain anonymous.

My motivation! Madison and Phoebe, I am so proud of you both. Your achievements over the last 3 months has been nothing less than impressive. Madison got a 12.5% average increase across the board and for her first time achieved a “B” aggregate. Then my little Fifi, who is missing her sport terribly, has done superbly well for her first time with Digi School.

My Honey - David, your unwavering support, has been life-changing for me and I appreciate everything you do for me and my girls.

A month ago, I thought the world was caving in on me, but instead of running away, I choose to fight. It’s not easy, because EVERY single day you need to make that choice, day after day, after day. All I saw was darkness, but my perception changed when I reached out and friends and family responded to my call.

Don’t be afraid to look at a problem from a different perspective, YOUR perspective could be the only thing holding you back from achieving your goals.

Okay, I think I have babbled on enough, and you can now go back to your Facebook feed, but please do not forget to LIKE and SHARE my campaign.

Written by Mandy Day,

3rd August 2020.

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