A FIRST! Spray Painting

When I originally started Day Decor, my target market was to assist "the everyday person" with taking care of their home and personal requirements. From renovations to research, from scheduled deliveries to calendar management.

In addressing this market I got to it, and for my first two clients I painted a house and cleaned up and cut back a garden in order for their house to go on sale, so very quickly learnt how physically demanding these kinds of jobs are.

The #COVID19 happened and my business came to a grinding halt.

But when you get lemons you make lemonade. So in my spare time, my boyfriend and I would work on our furniture upcycling projects that we have going on - it kept us busy and saved our sanity most days.

This was the first time I have ever used a spray gun let alone sprayed furniture.

It was a lot of prep work but, it was worth it.

Our first attempt at spray painting.

I have to admit, I absolutely loved the spray painting task, it is so much quicker and easier, however, there is technique involved and here are 5 tips I can share with you from my experience:

1. Make sure you wear a mask!

The fumes from spray painting can be intoxicating and it is not advisable to spray without a mask.

2. Good Light!

Light plays a very important part in achieving that perfect look. I sprayed an item the other night in insufficient light. This caused running and clumping, so we were forced to sand down and start again. We live and learn.

3. CLEAN spray gun.

Take the time to ensure your spray gun is clean before you put your paint into the canister and do some test sprays before you attempt straying your product. This way if there are any old pieces of paint in the spray gun - they will be flushed out in your test sprays. You can also use this opportunity to test the direction and flow of the paint coming from the spray gun.

4. Spray Booth.

If you are able to erect a spray booth like the one in the video in your workspace - this is first prize. Perhaps if you spray smaller items you can create a small spray booth to use. If you are spraying a larger item out in the open - ensure that you cover surrounding equipment or tools with a plastic taupe.

Contain the Spray.


You have put in so much effort just setting everything up and prepping for the spray - now the moment has finally arrived, so turn up those tunes and create.

My boyfriend and I love #upcycling old furniture and trying out new techniques. Please follow me on Facebook to see the items we have made and are now ready to sell. #upcycling is a passion we both share which has grown into a passive income.

I have also found that getting out of the house and from behind the computer screen, and getting creative - inspires me, as a person and professionally.

This project once complete will consist of a dining room table and 8 chairs.

The chairs and table frame are wrought iron, which we have sanded down and then resprayed with primer and 2 coats of our door paint. The tabletop is wood and I will reveal the design closer to the time.

If you have any furniture at home that you would like #upcycled please feel free to contact me.

I also would like to take this opportunity to thank David for all his help, guidance and patience on this project.

I am so excited to see the finished product.

QUICK QUESTION: If it was you? What colour would you make the seat coverings? Let me know your thoughts.

For those interested - spend the money, get a good spray gun, keep it clean, and it will be worth every penny.


Recommended products: Bosch PFS5000 Spray Gun

Reference: Colour Wheel Image (bottom right) - https://www.deviantart.com/swpryor/art/Colour-Wheel-93447510

Please leave your e-mail address if you are interested in seeing the finished product.

Till next week.

Stay Safe

Written by: Mandy Day

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