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Day Decor is not a company, its not a product and it's not a service - it is a time saver!  

I have over 20 years of experience varying from International Travel, to International Collaborations, from painting to corporate board meetings.  I have met the most amazing people and absorbed cultures, professions and industries into my pool of Intellectual Capital.



Organisation  Writing 
Event Management 

 Social Media   Photography

Property Management   Fundraising  Creative Initiatives

Work Experience

2019 to Current

Business Owner, Day Decor

Starting my own virtual company has been a dream for over 10 years - so initially I was offering  Virtual Assistance for the home and personal needs.  I started in November of 2019.


The COVID 19 lockdown, put an abrupt stop to my business, so I took this opportunity to read - attend webinars - do a few courses and with one (1) client based in Alaska - which has sustained my business and my family.

I will be replacing my old website with this one - as I am not selling a business or a product, I am selling my intellectual capital and experience to assist you to achieve your goals.

2018 - 2019

BMO (Building and Maintenance Officer), AFDA

I held this position for 1 year - it was the most challenging position I had ever had, and if you see my full CV - I have worked in "hardcore" industries, but this for me was hard, but at the same time, it gave me purpose, I enjoyed the challenge and I was making a difference.

I had 25 staff reporting to me, from cleaners, security, maintenance and IT.

I managed a budget for the Operations Department

Quarterly Campus Reports to Heads of Department

Health and Safety

Aesthetics of Campus

Staff and Student operational requirements

Then the company were bought by Stadio Holdings and company structures were changing and I retrenched.

2011 - 2018

Executive Personal Assistant to Co-founder & Chairman of AFDA 

I spent 7 years assisting the Co-founder and Chairman of AFDA.  In these 7 years, AFDA grew from strength to strength, from 2 campuses to 5; a Higher Certificate program was accredited and implemented; a Degree in Business Innovation & Technolgy was accreditated and implemented.

Personally, I achieved some of my greatest work in these 7 years. 

I planned, arranged, managed and was present for an International Congress consisting of 150 delegates from around the world and from the most prestigious universities around.

The CILECT Congress 2012


My exposure, to the people and the industry, was inspiring - every day I learnt something new.  I also reported to a man that was professional, an excellent teacher, patient and motivating.

The experience and knowledge that I achieved in this position under the mentorship of Mr Garth Holmes, is what carries me in good stead today.


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Learning all the time

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