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This is me

First and foremost I am a Women!  Older than I would like to be, but making the most of what I have.  My greatest achievements are being a mother, to two beautiful daughters with a Masters Degree in Life from the University of Hard Knocks.  

Now for the first time - we are all being put on a level playing field - so when those "COVID 19" restrictions come down you better believe that I will be there.

I have over 20 years of EXPERIENCE, I am well-travelled and Professional.

I am Mandy 

Organisation  Writing 
Event Management 

 Social Media   Photography

Property Management   Fundraising  Creative Initiatives

I assist humans, bring order back to their lives.

Behind every Success - is a Personal Assistant.  "said someone famous, never"

Now, with the wonderful world of the internet, zoom, social media and mobile devices - who need to work in between four walls?  Work from where ever or whenever you are inspired! 

Then using #tomorrow's technology on secure online platforms I will bring some clarity and order to your environment.  

"Just ask Mandy!" 

Are you an established business, but need to change with the times?

Are you a small business, wanting to do research into growing your business?

Are you stressing about your child's first birthday party?

Do you want to organise a surprise vacation for your family?

Do you have a property which requires, maintenance, repairs, house sitting, pet sitting, staff management, garden services, pre-ordered meals, wood, ice, biltong, flowers or anything you or your family require?          "Just ask Mandy!"

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